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I’ll find the right words for you.

Creatimo Translations is the partner you can rely on for translations from French and English into German. I will provide you with technically accurate translations with just the right amount of creativity, where attention to detail and linguistic naturalness play an equally important role.


Whether it is a business presentation, website or a specialist publication, the right words are crucial. Ultimately, you want to leave your clients and business partners with a reliable and professional impression, to successfully bring your products to the respective target market and present your information in a way that is memorable and effective.


Offer your clients and business partners a bright spot in the uniform grey that is today’s textual landscape. Galvanise them and win their loyalty with lively product descriptions, varied reports or compelling informative articles.

Tailored to your audience

As an experienced language professional, I will get to the heart of your text and convey the meaning in the target language in a way that is both appealing and appropriate to the context.


Creatimo Übersetzungen

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    Why Creatimo?

    Creatimo is fully committed to translations with a focus on sustainability and responsibility in corporate, social and creative contexts.

    Corporate sustainability

    • Sustainability management

    • Circular economy

    • E-mobility

    • Renewable energies

    • Quality management

    • Studies and surveys

    Social responsibility

    • Data privacy

    • code of conduct

    • HR / leadership

    • Health, safety & environment

    • Wellbeing at work

    • labour law

    Sustainability in
    creative contexts

    • Marketing

    • Blog articles

    • Press releases

    • Video scripts, subtitling

    • Website localisation

    • Product presentations

    • Literature

    Creatimo offers the following services

    Individually or in combination – entirely according to your needs.
    For larger projects, I’ll team up with experienced and reliable colleagues as required.



    Rendering content from French and English into German.



    Review of orthography and grammar in German texts



    In addition to proofreading, a more in-depth review of the style in German texts (sentence structure, word choice, flow etc.)



    Written reproduction of French, English or German audio and video content, e.g. in preparation for subsequent translation or subtitling



    Rendering existing French or English transcriptions or subtitle files into German in compliance with relevant standards



    Do you have additional requests? I am happy to provide further services as part of your project. Just let me know!

    Recent Translations

    Over the years, countless varied and challenging projects have landed on my desk. Below, I have listed a small selection of my work in order to give you an idea of the subjects and types of texts I deal with.


    What my clients and partners say

    The mind behind Creatimo – Yvonne Kirsch

    More than an occupation – a vocation

    I can give you the short version: My job is my passion.

    Or the long version: For me, a satisfying day is a day when I get to discover interesting topics from morning until night, when I get to juggle words, hone expressions, ponder subtleties and weigh up nuances to give my translations that perfect polish.

    I suffuse each text with my enthusiasm, and your clients and business partners will sense this. They are as important to me as they are to you, which is why, as the ultimate target readers, they are always at the forefront of my translations.

    +49 (0) 3501 7597893

    • Since 2014: freelance translator – French, English > German
    • Bachelor of Arts, Licence and Maîtrise, and BA Honours in Languages and Business, Specialisation: translation
    • Experiences abroad – France: Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Annecy
    • Experiences abroad – Ireland: Limerick, Dublin
    • Auditor – Master Literary Translation
    • Other work experience: commercial, administration, project management
    • In my private life: globetrotter, bookworm, amateur writer, cooking and baking enthusiast, yoga lover

    Partner with Creatimo for your next translation project

    Every translation project is unique and every text is different. That’s why personal contact prior to a project is crucial. In a no-obligation consultation we can discuss your needs and map out the framework for your project. I will then send you an individual quote.

    Tell me about your exciting translation project!

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